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The district of Amethi is situated in the Faizabad division of Uttar Pradesh. Gauriganj town is the headquarters of the Amethi district.

Amethi was the 72nd district of Uttar Pradesh which came into existence on 1 July 2010 by merging three tehsils of the erstwhile Sultanpur district, namely, Amethi, Gauriganj and Musafirkhana and two tehsils of the erstwhile Raebareli district, namely, Salon and Tiloi and was named as Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Nagar.

However, its name was changed back to Amethi when the ruling party changed. Amethi is a major town of district and also a municipal board. It is also called as Raipur-Amethi.

History of Amethi

Manohar Singh, who had six sons, was the only son of the first of Bandhalgotis. The six sons of Manohar Singh divided the estate between them. Raj Singh, the youngest of the six brothers succeeded in adding to his share those of his brothers, Ram Singh and Kunwar Singh who died childless. The fourth descendant Ramraj Singh, Shriram Dev had two brothers Shyam Lal and Dharamir who owned Barna Tikar estate on the extreme west and the Tikri estate on the extreme east. Ram Sahay, the grandson of Shriram Dev was given as his share of the estate Kasranwa on the northern boundary of Amethi, while his great grandson Sultanshah obtained Shahgarh intermediate between Kasranwa and the older estates. Thus, the hold of Bandhalgotis seemed to have separate over the entire Amethi pargana.

The next of Bandhalgotis, regarding whom anything was heard about was Gurdatt Singh, who in 1743 defied the local authorities and ultimately fled to the neighbouring jungle of Ramnagar. His fort of Raipur was destroyed in the siege of 18 days and his state was taken over. Drigpal Singh, the son of Gurdatt Singh, recovered the estate and from his time dates the present taluqa of Amethi. The property used to be called Udaiwan. Gurdatt Singh was sometimes styled Raja and sometimes Babu. The title of raja was hereditary but it is not known how long it has been adopted by the head of the family. Gurdatt Singh had two sons, Harchand Singh, who obtained the bulk of his father's possessions, and Jaichand Singh who became a separate proprietor of the Kannu Kasranwa. Harchand Singh owned the whole of Amethi pargana, except Raghipur. In 1810 he was defeated by Saadat Ali Khan and the Raja was left with only 48 villages. However, Dalpat Shah, his son in whose favour he abdicated recovered in 1813 all his father's original estates.

Dalpat Shah died in 1815 and was succeeded by his son, Bisheshar Singh, who died childless in 1842. He was succeeded by Madho Singh, nephew of Dalpat Shah. Madho Singh tried to expand his estate and had to face hostilities from the Nazim of Sultanpur, Maharaja Man Singh in 1845. As the result of the hostilities was indecisive, negotiations followed and Madho singh was given the lease of the whole pargana with the exception of a few villages. Madho Singh died in August 1891, shortly after the death of his only son, was succeeded by an adopted heir, Raja Bhagwan Baksh Singh, son of Babu Sheodarshan singh, a relative of the late Raja. The estate consisted of 314 village and four pattis, all in Amethi pargana.

The house of Shahgarh was founded by Sultan Shah, the brother of Bikram Shah of Amethi. It derived its name from a fort he built and called after himself. The estate consisted of 121 villages. From 1803 to 1810 Shahgarh was with the rest of the pargana, leased to Harchand Singh, but was taken away in the latter year. It then comprised 40 villages but had increased to 60 in 1846 when it was again given to Amethi.

All the Kanhapurias of Sultanpur are descendants of Rahas, the second son of Kanh, the founder of the Clan. Seventh in descent from Rahas came Prashad Singh who had three sons. Janga Singh received Ateha and Madan Singh of Simrauta. Fourth descendants of Janga Singh were Udebhan of Tiloi and Gulal Shah of Shahmau. The Raja Tiloi in the beginning of the twentieth century was the descendant of Udebhan. His property in the district consisted of Suratgarh and Naudand in pargana Gaura Jamo.

The other Sultanpur Kanhapurias are the descendants of Indrajit Singh, great grandson of Janga Singh. Balbhaddar Singh, son of Indrajit Singh had four sons. Pratap Bahadur Singh, Raja of Katari who owned 13 villages in pargana Gaura Jamo was the grandson of Balbhaddar Singh. Raj Sah who founded the house of Jamo was the second son of Balbhaddar. Mahabir Bakhsha Singh of Jamo owned 17 villages of that pargana was a descendant of Raj Sah in the tenth generation. Babu Raghuraj Singh of Baraulia who owned 13 villages in Gaura Jamo was another descendant. The taluqdar of Bhawanshahpur, Babu Debi Bakhsha Singh, who owned 12 villages and the patti in the north of pargana Amethi was the son of Tribhubhan Sah, the third son of Balbhaddar. The whole of Kanhpuria possessions were included in the old pargana of Jais, but was broken up into four parganas of Jais, Mohanganj, Sumrauta, and Gaura Jamo by 1775.

Geography of Amethi

District Amethi lies at the latitude 26°9’ north and longitude 81°49’ east at an average elevation of 101 metres (331 feet) from mean sea level. The total geographic area of the districts is about 3063 km2. The surface is generally level, being broken only by ravines in the neighbourhood of the rivers. The principal river is Gomti,which passes through the centre of the district. North side of this district is bounded by Faizabad District; South side is bounded by Pratapgarh District. West side is bounded by Barabanki District and Rai Baeilly District and the East side is bounded by Amethi District.

The land of Amethi district is generally plane except some regions around the Gomti River which drains almost the whole district. It may be called an Agrarian area as agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Amethi district has a wet and dry climate with average temperatures ranging between 23 °C to 28 °C. Amethi experiences three distinct seasons: summer, monsoon and a mild autumn.

How to Reach

By Air :

80 km away Bamrauli Airport (IXD) Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

By Rail :

You can easily get regular trains to Amethi from other major cities of the country.

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