Projects in Uttar Pradesh

Government of Uttar Pradesh has taken some new initiatives and set up a large numbers of projects on State level.

Here are few highlights of the Mega Projects...

  • Implementation underway to connect all district headquarters with 4 lane roads.
  • Lucknow Agra Eight lane (~300km) access controlled expressway with total cost of USD 1.48 billion on EPC mode – Awarded.
    • It will reduce the distance between Lucknow and Agra to 300 km from the current 335 km.
    • The expressway is proposed to be linked through Link expressways from existing and potential commercial/agricultural hubs such as Firozabad, Shikohabad, Etawah, Kannauj & Malihabad
  • Indo Nepal Border road of length 639.70 km under construction.

Please have a look in below information related to Projects as per their stages . (I.e Ongoing / Completed / Forthcoming etc..)

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